Our mission:

  • To recognise and honour experimental film
  • To educate the public in experimental film 
  • To build a networking platform for experimental filmmakers

We support: the unrecognised, the progressive, the visionary
. By submitting your film you: endorse our mission, embrace our philosophy, join our community, declare rightful ownership of your work, permit screenings, and the use of clips and images for promotion.

London Experimental Anti-Festival
Fluid and evolving
Promoting experimental film
Alternative screenings
No programming
No competition or prizes
Random film selection
Free to watch

2020 – TBC

London : Shoreditch – 11.01.19

Mexico City – 19.04.19

Floranopolis – 07.05.19

London : Islington Metal Works – 16.08.19

Disused Tube Train Carriage
London – E17 8AX

Shipping Container
University of East London – E15 1NF

Film Submission Regulations:

Style: experimental
Production: post 1 January 2018
Format: digital
Language: English, English subtitles or no dialogue
Length: 10 minutes (maximum)
Entry fee: $20 (non-refundable)