Our mission:

To recognise and honour experimental film

To educate the public in experimental film 

To promote experimental film to the commercial world

We support: the unrecognised, the progressive, the visionary (see:
filmmakers). By submitting your film you: endorse our mission, embrace our philosophy, join our community, declare rightful ownership of your work, permit screenings, and the use of clips and images for promotion.

London Experimental anti-festival
Fluid and evolving
Promoting experimental film
Exhibits in a variety of alternative spaces
No programming
No competition or prizes
Random film selection
Free to watch
Unorthodox promotion

Location (1)
Disused Tube Train Carriage
Pumphouse Museum
10 Access Rd
London E17 8AX
3rd December 2017
15.00 – 19.00pm

Other Locations TBC

Film Submission Regulations:

Style: experimental
Production: post 1 January 2016
Format: digital
Language: English, English subtitles or no dialogue
Length: 10 minutes (maximum)
Entry fee: $30 (non-refundable)